The Domaine au Marchay, located in Nojals et Clotte, Beaumontois-en-Périgord, offers a stay in the Dordogne steeped in history and charm. Explore our region rich in prehistoric treasures, with its famous caves and murals. Discover also the medieval remains such as fortresses, castles, and bastides nearby. Immerse yourself in more recent history with Joséphine Baker and the famous Château des Milandes just a few steps away.

For sports enthusiasts, Domaine au Marchay offers a multitude of options, from cycling to hiking, canoeing, and climbing. Explore the hiking and cycling trails to discover the region at your own pace. Don't miss the picturesque markets held daily and some evenings during the week. Wine lovers will be delighted to discover the wine regions of Bergerac and Cahors, as well as Saint-Emilion and its Grands Crus. Domaine au Marchay is the ideal starting point for your nature getaway, tourist activities, and exploration of the rich local heritage, all while enjoying the peace and comfort of our spacious guest rooms.

Ruelles pavées dans la vieille ville de Sarlat

Explore the old town of Sarlat

Stroll through the cobblestone streets and discover the medieval architecture of the picturesque old town of Sarlat.

Gabarre traditionnelle sur la rivière Dordogne

Take a Gabarre Ride on the Dordogne

Enjoy a relaxing ride on a traditional gabarre and admire the beautiful landscapes along the Dordogne River.


Château de Biron - Une forteresse médiévale imposante

Visit Château de Biron

Explore medieval history and admire the fascinating architecture of this impressive castle.

Peintures rupestres dans les grottes de Lascaux

Explore the Lascaux Caves

Immerse yourself in prehistoric times by visiting the famous Lascaux Caves, where you can admire incredible cave paintings.